The following are the most frequently asked questions by our guests about our properties. We always do our best to provide clear and complete answers and hope that you will find this information useful.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions which you don’t see answered below and we will be very pleased to assist you.

  • Where can I get more information about the apartment I am interested in?
    By visiting the apartment’s full details page, you will find all the information required, including all the facilities available within each apartment.

  • What is the maximum capacity of your apartments?
    For each apartment, the maximum capacity is clearly stated on the apartment's description page. In certain cases we can provide a folding bed to accommodate one more guest in each apartment.

    Cots are available on request and do not count with the total amount of capacity. So for example for a 2 bedroom apartment, the average capacity is 4. So a family of 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children can stay in a two bedroom apartment including a cot, making a total of 5 people.

    The apartments are spacious enough to accommodate the cot easily.

  • Where can I find the apartment prices?
    Each apartment’s full details page includes a price section. Prices are quoted in EURO. Prices shown are per week, however do contact us if you want to stay more or less than a week by using the ‘Enquiry Form’. We are very flexible!

  • How can I check availability online?
    For various reasons we do not show availability on our website. Please contact us, use the enquiry form or give us a call and we will confirm availability straight away.

  • Once I decide to book an apartment, what do I do?
    The process is very simple and safe for you and for us. Visit this page for full details.

  • Is it possible to arrive and/or depart on any day of the week or do you have a fixed arrival/departure day?
    All apartments have flexible arrival and departure days, letting you arrive and depart on any day of the week and stay for periods of less than 7 nights or more. This also means that you can take advantage of cheaper mid-week flights.

    We also take bookings for 1 month, 2 months or more during the low season, to accommodate people who either come to work in Malta for a short period of time, or those who want to avoid their country’s cold winter. In Malta temperatures are never below 0°C and it never snows!

    Get in touch with us and we will always try and work out something for you.

  • Are your apartments safe for children?
    All apartments have galvanized railings in the terraces. Children must not be left unattended in the terraces especially the third floor apartment. All the flooring is non-slip and all the furniture has no sharp edges. An equipped first-aid kit, a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher are also available in the apartments for your added peace of mind.

  • Is water and electricity included in the rental price?
    In order to avoid and prevent waste of water and electricity, we give for free a certain number of water and electricity units based on an average consumption. The extra units consumed are to be borne by the guests and paid on departure date.

  • Electricity Sockets
    In Malta we use 3 pin sockets like the ones used in the United Kingdom. So it is important that when you travel you bring with you an adequate adapter if you come from outside the UK. We have available a universal adapter for you to use just in case you need it!

  • Are the apartments air conditioned?
    The apartments are fully air conditioned. Fans are also provided in extreme cases when the air conditions malfunction.

  • Is cleaning included in the rental price?
    Yes cleaning fee is included in the final price. If during your stay you require the service of a maid, you can request it at an extra cost, with at least 48 hours notice.

  • Are bed sheets and towels provided?
    Yes bed sheets and towels are provided free of charge. For stays over 7 days you can request change of sheets and towels with at least 24 hours’ notice at no extra cost.

  • Is there a washing machine in the apartments?
    Yes, a washing machine with instructions for use, washing powder and liquids, together with all the other necessary laundry facilities are provided free of charge. Please check the apartment’s full page details for a complete list of facilities included.

  • Is there an iron and ironing board at my apartment?
    Yes, all apartments have an iron and an ironing board. Please check the apartment’s full page details for a complete list of facilities provided.

  • Will I be able to access the Internet from the apartments?
    Yes, Wi-Fi internet access is provided free of charge. You will be provided with a login and password on arrival.

  • Is parking provided and where?
    A secure parking space at -4 level below the apartment block is provided free of charge for you to use in case you rent a car.

  • Airport Transfers
    We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport up to five people for a small fee. Please contact us for details.

  • How can I find the exact location of the apartment that I have rented?
    On confirmation of your booking, you will have access to our private guest area where you find detailed instructions guides of how to arrive to our apartments by taxi, rented car or by bus.

    It is very easy to find the apartment, so don’t worry about that!

  • At what time can I check-in / check-out?
    This all depends on what other bookings we have prior your arrival or on your departure. We will try and let you in the apartment as much as possible, however if we have a check in on the same day, you will need to leave the apartment earlier so we have enough time to prepare and clean the apartment for the next guests. If your flight is later in the day you may leave the luggage at the apartment and than you can pick it later. All luggage must be locked.

    It may also be possible to check in the morning provided that the apartment is empty and clean. It may also be possible to checkout late evening!

    Honestly this has to be handled individually based on your fligts and our bookings. But for sure we will try our best to accommodate you.

  • What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive late at the apartment?
    We monitor your flight through the Malta International Airport website so for slight delays there is no need to inform us.

    On the other hand if the flight is cancelled or delayed for an unknown amount of hours, it is highly advisable to simply inform us by calling us. We will then take it from there but it is important to keep us informed on the development of the delay or cancellation so we can organize ourselves and be on time to welcome you, especially if we going to pick you up from the airport.

    This also applies to people traveling by catamaran from Sicily.

  • How many sets of door keys will I get?
    You will get 1 set of keys. On request we can give you 2 sets of keys.

  • How far is the nearest beach from the apartments?
    First and foremost there is a very large outdoor communal pool within the complex for residents only. But if you prefer the real beaches, Qui Si Sana rocky beach is just 2 minutes’ walk from the apartments. Basically as soon as you go out of the complex just cross the road, and you are on the beach. If you exit the complex from the opposite direction, and you walk down the road (2 minutes as well) you are at Sliema Ferries. From here you can go for a number of fantastic boat tours. There is also a small beach if you walk in the direction of Tigne. Along the coast from Sliema to St. Julians you will find a number of small beautiful beaches. You can go by walk along the whole promenade, and we assure you it is very pleasant.

  • Eating Out – Restaurants and Cafeterias
    The apartments are situated in the mostly sought prime area of Sliema. The area is full of restaurants with a variety of cuisines. You will not stay hungry!

  • Bus Service
    The apartments being in the most important touristic area of Malta, buses are very frequent and bus stops are a walking distance away. The bus terminus is in fact at the Sliema Ferry area.

  • Shopping Centres
    Just 2 minutes walk from the apartment you arrive at The Point – the largest shopping complex on the island. Other branded shops are situated along Bisazza Street and Tower Road along the Sliema promenade. Bisazza Street, High Street and Tower Road are just 3 minutes walk from the apartments.

  • Supermarkets and Pharmacies
    At the Point (2 minutes away from the apartments) you will find a large supermarket and a pharmacy. There is also another supermarket 5 minutes away from the apartments.

    Furthermore, along the Sliema Ferry area, High Street and Tower Road you will find other mini markets and pharmacies, among other shops, cafes and restaurants.

  • Banks
    At High Street (2 minutes away from the apartment) you will find a major international bank with 24 hours ATM service. There are other international banks in Sliema and a major local bank with 24 hours ATM service.

  • Taxis
    At the Sliema ferry area, at the beginning of Tower Road and along Tower Road you will find various Taxi Stands for your service. There are other private taxi services in Malta and you will find all this information within the handbook guide provided to you on your arrival.

  • Parking
    As in all major cities, parking can be difficult in Sliema, but as explained above, everything is within a very short walking distance.

    Remember that with each apartment a secure parking space at -4 level is provided free of charge. So if you are willing to explore Malta, do hire a car since parking is not a problem, it is safe and free!

  • Who do I contact if I have a problem at the apartment?
    Normally you call us and tell us about the problem, and then we will take it over from there. We have a number of handymen to work with and we strive to solve the problem in a couple of hours. We will make sure that your holiday is 100% smoothly and problem free.

  • Can I smoke in the apartment?
    Smoking is not permitted inside the whole apartment. Smoking is permitted only in the terraces.

  • Are pets allowed in the apartment?
    We love pets and we have a lovely cat, however because of condominium rules and to protect the apartment from damages which may be caused by pets, we are afraid to say that no pets are allowed.

  • Do we need to rent a car?
    If you intend to explore Malta thoroughly, then a car is highly advisable. However the public transport is well set up and everything is within walking distance if you intend to stay in Sliema.

    However going to the beautiful beaches in the northern and southern parts of the island and also visiting the wonderful sister island of Gozo, with a car you will save a lot of time!

  • From where can I rent a car?
    All international car hire companies have an office at the airport.

  • What's driving in Malta like?
    Try to avoid the rush hours: between 7am and 9am / between 4pm and 5pm. Relax in the apartment or start your day with a nice walk or jog across the seafront and then go out with your car later.

    We drive on the left hand side of the roads (like in the United Kingdom) with a right hand drive car. So if you are not from the UK, you may find it strange at the beginning. But you will get used to it pretty quickly.

    All major roads are well lit up, and direction signs are clearly visible. Traffic lights are everywhere to keep traffic in order. Observe the speed limits indicated and beware of speed cameras. They work!

    Otherwise it is fun, and you will be able to explore the wonderful remote areas of the island which are very difficult to reach with the public transport.